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LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

COTA at the Nova Express Cafe - November 22, 2006 - FREE!

November 17th, 2006 (09:45 am)

C.O.T.A. was formed around 1989 by Jon and Salomeh Auchterlonie. Inspired by intense outdoor and ritual experiences, combined with an interest in deep ecology and new mythology, C.O.T.A. is a vessel for creating trance states. Through sound as a transmitter, they seek to convey very intense and powerful experiences recovered during excursions into the wilds.

Much of the artwork they use is a direct result of such infused states--as an attempt to convey some mythological or archetypal idea or experience. It is music for a return to the garden or a post-urban way of life.

Visit their website at www.sonicksorcery.com

Show begins at 9:00pm
All ages * all wages

Nova Express Cafe
(Dinner * Alcohol * Coffee * Free wireless internet)
426 N. Fairfax Ave
Hollywood, CA

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]


November 6th, 2006 (03:07 pm)

BACON TEARS UP BUSINESS is an experimental electronic act which emphasizes that it is "not a laptop operation". The use of vintage synthesizer equipment, drum machines, and a custom-built theremin set up an odd ambient mixture of sound that is more about an atmosphere than a melody. Maddie, the artist, points out that all of the work is being produced live in real time, "by 2 hands, 2 feet, and one mouth."

...but for this show, BACON is teaming up with Los Angeles's little known keyboardist HOSTILE FORK. The Nova Express Cafe has played host to many improvised collaborations, and this one will juxtapose the FORK's modern gear and wafting melodies with BACON's loop-like rhythms and oscillations.

Important note! While still intended as an intimate and free place for bleeding-edge artists to present their work to a casual and socializing cafe-audience, we're trying some significant changes for Nova Wednesday Nights. The time is moving earlier so that people who need to work early on Thursday mornings can still come out for the fun. We'll get the show in gear warming up the audience at 9:00, and start the featured act no later than 9:30. Another performer may then play for those who are sticking around past 10:30...but if you want to you can just stop in for dinner and be assured of catching the featured act between 8:00-10:30.

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

Doug Wyatt & The Agents of Change

August 13th, 2006 (08:12 pm)

Doug Wyatt & the Agents of Change, Electronica Unplugged.

About the artist:

DOUG WYATT has been composing and performing original music since 1979. Wyatt joined the avante-rock group Red Letter in 1992, touring with them and contributing to the 1995 release, True North (V Records). He also appears on Red Letter guitarist Robby Aceto’s critically-acclaimed 1996 CD Code (Alchemy Records). Wyatt’s credentials include performing with Mother Mallard, the world’s first synthesizer performance ensemble, from 1998-2000. He played with the group for their 30th anniversary concert as well as a performance at the Smithsonian with guest Keith Emerson.

Since 1986, Wyatt has written state-of-the-art music software, for which he has attained legendary status among musicians. Indeed, many know him solely as creator of the Open Music System (OMS), which Keyboard magazine hailed in 2000 as one of the greatest technological achievements of the previous 25 years. OMS advanced the digital audio workstation by unifying communication among thousands of input devices such as keyboards, samplers, effects and mixers, and music software. OMS is dead, and Wyatt now works in the Core Audio group at Apple Computer.

Born at the crossroads of music and technology, Doug Wyatt lives and thrives there. To this day he splits his time between his own musical journey and making tools for the rest of us.

Early reactions to his new CD, The Dream of 'I:

“Freaking out, in a beautiful way. Your life, your soundtrack.”

“Electronica is not my thing, so this is Electronica for the rest of us, or as Sonosphere puts it, ‘Electronica Unplugged’, the genre redefined.”

“Disturbed transitions unfold wistful and sullen between peaceful cadences, but a light looms past the horror.”

“That’s very nice.” — Mom

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

Drop Black Sky Artist Profile

June 23rd, 2006 (09:57 pm)

Band website: dropblacksky.com

One of Lighthouse Promo's premiere artists, Drop Black Sky is a sonorous mix of digitally generated rhythms and soundscapes, ambient textured layers of guitar and bass, and ethereal reverent female vocals. Their influences fall between the melodious harmonies of ancient music, the precision of electronic, downtempo and Goth/Industrial, to the intensity of hardcore.

Based in Oakland, Drop Black Sky has been performing in San Francisco clubs since 2003. The band uses a broad spectrum of sounds and instrumentation including effects laden guitars, heavy bass, self-crafted samples, field recordings, digital programming, piano, and er hu (Chinese violin). The band has had a few different singers and drummers, but the creative direction has stayed consistent.

Want to support the band and look fashionable while doing it? Buy some attire! The women's V-neck long-sleeve ($18) is very popular for its deceptively simple design and sleek cut. How many concert shirts actually make a woman's body look good...this one can! The men's ringer T-shirt ($15) is made of a tough grey fabric and features an up-close extraction of one of the screaming faces hidden in the drop black sky butterfly logo:

If you'd like a shirt, pick one up at one of the upcoming DBS shows! Or if you've got paypal and would like one shipped to you, email lisette (at) lighthousepromo (dot) net !

And it goes without saying that you can buy Drop Black Sky's CD's...just $7 each!

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

Bene Jenois, International Pop Star @ NOVA EXPRESS on Wendesday Aug 2nd

June 23rd, 2006 (11:30 am)

Bene Jenois' disarming performance is part fashion show, part storytelling, and songs whose brevity and salience can rival a Zen Koan. Coming from a small French village where everyone spoke English, he has a think accent but cannot speak French. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but watch what you wear—Bene has a camera, and will improvise with it for such songs as "Hey, look at that person!"

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

Brian Kenney Fresno at the Nova Express Cafe * JULY 26, 2006

June 23rd, 2006 (11:00 am)

"This guy's straight up hilarious. He's like Steve Martin meets Pee Wee Herman meets whatever shredder
guitar player you know. Twelve string guitar/bass, electric crowd cheers, plastic flamingos and
overhead projected lyrics for the audience. I wouldn't miss it..."

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

The Greyman Plays the Nova Express Cafe on July 19 * FREE

June 23rd, 2006 (10:34 am)

An eclectic solo performance with three scenes: pain, pleasure and serene featuring TheGreyman's deep and versatile voice.

Through a combination of live looping, throat singing, beatbox, scatting, vocal imitations of various instruments, and chant the evening will cover a wide range of styles from: darkwave to classical, rock to jazz, and ambient to techno. Every song...and every performance is different.

Live looping, is where a song is first constructed (i.e. verse1, chorus) with no pre-recorded or sampled elements, and then populated with sound during the performance. Then run through an arsenal of effects, stacked layer upon layer to create a wall of sound belying that of a solo peformer.

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

William C Harrington July 12th Nova Express FREE

June 23rd, 2006 (04:26 am)

William C. Harrington and his Urban Electronic Music are no stranger to the Nova Express Cafe, where his ambient yet eclectic music comes from many different sources.

Show begins at 9:30pm
All ages * all wages

Nova Express Cafe
(Dinner * Alcohol * Coffee * Free wireless internet)
426 N. Fairfax Ave
Hollywood, CA

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

Drop Black Sky performs at Labyrinth of Jareth on July 15th

June 23rd, 2006 (03:19 am)

The always-sold-out annual Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball is in its NINTH year, and Lighthouse Promo artist Drop Black Sky is going to be performing! There are countless reasons to go to this event—which provides a whole evening of entertainment for its elaborately-costumed audience. But now with Drop Black Sky playing, how could you forgive yourself for missing it? :)

LighthousePromo (L.A. & S.F.) [userpic]

Magic Box Plays Nova Express on July 5th, Free!

June 23rd, 2006 (01:36 am)

The artistic ensemble of Magic Box acsends you into a world of sonic and visual entertainment thru the immense talents of its members.

Anchored by percussionist Tom Maxwell, the drumming of Magic Box is wide and deep, having a heartbeat within a heartbeat. Primal explorations drift into jazz, creating trance like grooves.

The etheric structure built upon that foundation is created by Glen Lynsky. Using the electric guitar and exotic tunings, Lynskey weaves melody and atmoshere into the hypnotic rythyms of Maxwell. In unison, these two musicians travel dreamlike through musical landscapes, at times restful as if floating on water, to extreme rythmic pulse's that can transform any room into a ritual experience.

Visual art is a major component of Magic Box. Master performance painter Norton Wisdom is the centerpiece to this trio. The voice of this group is expressed thru the imagery of Wisdoms subconcious world. As the music drifts thru his body, he becomes entranced, creating paintings that lead the audience on a surrealistic journey.

The soul of this trio reaches into the mystic of ancient man. With a seeming life of its own, each composition rises from "the Box" extending into full view as a presentation of dialog between its creaters. Performances may reflect a theme..or not. The painter becomes the musician, the musician the painter. A primordial liberation for explorers who have journeyed the life path of pure artistry.

Nova Express Cafe (Alcohol/Dinner/Coffee)
426 N. Fairfax Avenue
West Hollywood, CA

check out these other great events!

Wednesday, July 12
William C. Harrington at the Nova Express

Saturday, July 15
Drop Black Sky performs at the Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade @ the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles

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